B2Z Dance school

Benz is the founder of B2Z Dance School since 2015 is practising dance for over 2 decades and has had the opportunity to learn several dance disciplines. Her passion and interest lie in educating others about dance, a strong form of expression and creativity. Classically trained in Bharatanatyam for many years, Benz’s passion for dance inspired her to teach dance from the age of 7 years. She participated in She also has participated in multiple Indian festivals and numerous events during school times. She has also had numerous opportunities to attend dance workshops and dance therapies, which presented new concepts of care through dance aspects.

Now, Benz, a proud mom of two kids, teaching dance to her kids last six years. Her passion and interest lie in educating others about the tremendous work of expression and art known as dance. It is very difficult for an Indian mom to be passionate about her dance after having two kids.  But she aspires to instil music, dance and culture in her kids with a unique sensitizing approach. We understand that each student is unique and so she programs her dance that best suits them.


B2Z Dance School is just not a business for Benz but a dream comes true. She says- “Dance is a huge element of Indian culture and each part of India carries its unique style of dance.” With a technical background in dance, she is pursuing professional choreography and desires to bring a variety of dance forms under one platform. When she dances, she combines art and entertainment, transforming her brilliantly stated moves into a stunning reality.

B2Z Dance School are all about Indian Classical and Folk Dance, Bollywood, Contemporary Fusion & Western Style Dances. Free your worries and get moving freely. The sky is the limit to your happiness.

We are excited for you to join us and experience the excitement of moving your body to the rhythms of sound. Make your next move the best move.