B2Z Dance school

Our Vision

We envision B2Z Dance School as a leading platform, offering uplifting activities, opportunities for happy present-moment interaction, and quality educational, cultural, and recreational experiences. We thrive for people to connect with art, nature, music, dancing, and other good activities, all while celebrating creativity and diversity in a joyous, supportive community.

B2Z Dance School Values

  • Authenticity – respecting the diverse cultures and styles that thrive in India and beyond.
  • Community – It is defined as the provision of high-quality performance and educational experiences that actively engage and inspire people.
  • Excellence – To grow and improve, we will try to surpass expectations by providing exceptional experiences and listening to our customers’ comments.
  • Diversity – Recognising and respecting individual requirements, we shall offer a diverse selection of distinctive and intriguing services and programmes.
  • Inclusion – It involves accepting people from all cultures, generations, ages, skill levels, and economic backgrounds.

Our Mission

Our objective is to foster a deep love of dancing while also instilling self-confidence, discipline, and respect for the performing arts. encouraging all dancers to strive for greatness while having fun along the way. Prepare every student for dance and real-life competition by giving them a platform where they can be free and help calm their minds. This helps the ability to increase their physical, emotional, and intellectual well-being. We work towards the development of responsible, dedicated, determined, and creative adults in society.

Our Dance styles

Indian Folk


Ballroom Dance


Aqua Zumba for Adults



Kids Zumba



Strong by Zumba

Parai with dance